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Wisdom from the Heavens are words shared for ones to understand the grace and beauty of Oneness – the magnificence of one's own creation – in the oneness and wholeness of Divine Creation and it is literature that allows space for great inspiration and the knowing that miracles are to be held in the Light of Creation – for you are a miracle creating miracles in the Oneness of all Miracles.


The writing is dedicated to each soul that walks Mother Earth – for we are One held in the palms and creation of Divine Miracles and Creation – the words are shared to enhance one's understanding of the brilliance each holds.

Love Segment

From the Compassion ~ Forgiveness ~ Love ~ Library Series

Be who you are meant to be knowing you are meant to be extraordinary.

~ You are the miracle among all miracles ~

In your heart is the truth of who you are – in your creation is the opportunity to bring forth your beauty – compassion and kindness – for today gently reminds one of one's brilliance and knowing that all is One in Divine Creation – seek your God Within – search for your Light of Grace – be knowing today – that you are a miracle walking Mother Earth embraced by all miracles – share your light of compassion towards judgements and condemnation – forgive – for they know not what they do.

The feeling of loss – to lose something or someone can bring one to their knees in complete sorrow and grief – a pain that is felt in every fiber of one's being – for to lose another is to lose a part of oneself – days of grieving any loss will bring relief in time – time cannot be rushed for the heart that is in pain – and loss could be big or small – to lose oneself in everyday living – to lose kindness and compassion – to lose sharing love – for loss is loss – to some the depths of despair – to another not understanding – in times of grieving there is a space to reach beyond what you know – to reach within and beyond to discover your connection with all – for hearts are connected to the great heavens – listen to the whisper of your heart – and know that you are held tenderly in the palms of Divine Universal Love.

Compassionate Love for Remembrance Day


~ It is the time of year that we understand great compassion – grand noble deeds – compassion beyond measure for others unknown – peace on earth is it possible – peace among mankind is it possible – peace within a heart is it possible – and the answer is compassion and love – nobility and wisdom – wisdom to know to bring peace from within to the planet – wisdom to know to calm one's thoughts of anger and hatred – wisdom to end condemnation and judgement – for as the world creates the world – as the thoughts of mankind creates the havoc or the peace – I encourage you this very day as you honour others to honour oneself for your wisdom – honour your Peace Within – honour all that share the planet – for Mother Earth holds you – and the sun shines light while war is happening – bring your light to the darkest corners of life – and celebrate the creation – your Creation of Peace among men – among countries – bring forth love and compassion where it is lacking – bring forth wisdom when the confusion is shown – bring forth your balance – your kindness – your beauty – and hold Mother Earth as Mother Earth holds you – war is happening within oneself – bring forth your Inner Wisdom and share this day – Light – Divine Light – Your Light – bring forth your greatest compassion and wisdom – the Wisdom to Know Peace ~


~ Bring Heaven to Earth – and Earth Will be Your Heaven ~

A new day – what do you choose – perhaps a new beginning – perhaps the start of creating a space to bring forth one's talents and skills – a new day to find within the greatest part of who you are – what are you sharing with others – what do you wish others to see – today – this new day – be your authentic self – be your magnificence and share with the world your Light of Grace – your Light of Love.

Deep within one's being there is a pureness that radiates love – brings forth compassion and kindness – deep within is a love so pure – so grand – it becomes light – life experience can diminish one's truest essence of who one is – challenges – frustration – hurt and sorrow all cover one's loving light – today find a space to allow your mind to settle – in stillness feel your Inner Essence – feel deep within to discover your magnificence.

What makes forgiveness difficult to embrace – letting go of hurt and upsets – releasing anger and frustration – for why do ones choose to carry forth emotions that cause further pain – and the answer lies in one's heart and deep essence of loving light – for when one forgives – oneself or another – light shines – creation of soothing and comfort – understanding that forgiveness is freedom – freedom to feel peace – freedom to feel love – freedom to feel good – for forgiveness is a gift one gives to oneself – to nurture oneself – to expand into fullness of oneself.

Open your heart to all that is good – extend compassion and kindness – bring forth your expansion of love and share with others your magnificence – your grace – be kind and gentle with your words – show compassion where compassion is not to be found – extend love to those who have caused you pain – for the offering of love is the offering of your brilliance – the offering of forgiveness – and in the moment when you extend love to something that has hurt you – you become your authentic self.

Troubled times – times of loss and sorrow – times that a heart aches with great pain – in the moment of tears be knowing that time heals – nurturing heals – for in the depth of heartache is your light – is your answers to become healed – times of heartache can be a blessing if one searches for the blessing – if one searches for the gift that is held in a heart that whispers – your heart is a loving heart – your heart will heal and mend to become full once again – your heart holds you close in the Oneness of the Heart of Creation.

Celebrate the love you hold – love that perhaps does not feel present – understand you are more than life experience – you are more than your journey among Mother Earth – today understand that you shine brightly even if it feels dark – your light will shine and lead the way to brighter skies – to a peaceful place in which you can be – your light is Light of Creation to be shared with all creation and to be given freely especially during your darkest hours – shine your light forth to the heavens and understand you are held tenderly with loving Palms of Creation.

Love Beyond Measure

~ Bring Heaven to Earth 

and Earth Will Be Your Heaven ~


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