One Two Eight Publishing House

Invites You to Make a Book for a Child


Give a child the gift of self-understanding by the means of their own book.

A gift to be kept generation after generation ~ A keepsake like no other.

Tailor-made to bring forth a personal story of inspiration.

Each story holds the child as the main character – all stories enhance self-love – compassion – kindness – and the knowing that we are all here for great reason and grand purpose. Each story brings forth the love of animals and Mother Earth and will give a gift not ever to be forgotten.

Tracy R. L. O’Flaherty – Author sharing 30 published books worldwide is now dedicated to enhance the lives of children through books and inspirational stories that create a space for a child to know of their own brilliance.

All stories are written by Tracy R. L. O’Flaherty

Copyrights – Book Title and Contents are given to the child.

Preserving Nostalgic Love

~ Your Legacy is Giving a Legacy to Others ~

A child with a story – a child with their name as part of the title –

a child knowing the gift given and the excitement of having their very own book.

~ A Story Tailor-Made ~ Book Package Includes


A personal story to bring forth the creation of love and compassion.

A story belonging only to the child – unique being the only one in the world.

Complete Book in Hardcover and Softcover



Presented Gift Wrapped

Ribbon Bookmark

2 Softcover Copies

$189.00 HST Included


Hardcover and additional Softcover copies also available


Softcover $14.95 HST Included

Hardcover $24.95 HST Included

Discount of 10% when purchasing 10 or more.                                                                                                        Discount Discount of 20% when purchasing 20 or more.

The creation of a book takes many hours. The book itself is 36 pages and each story is written unique for the child. Once the story is written and edited, approval from the purchaser takes place. Once approved, the book is then created. Once created, it is ordered and the first draft copy is sent to Tracy O’Flaherty. Once the first draft copy arrives, a second edit is started, then the book is complete and ordered once again. From start to finish, with time for shipping several times, please note it may take 8 weeks to receive the final book. Blessings and much love.

 LOVE is the Answer 

LOVE is Always the Answer

~ Bring Heaven to Earth 

and Earth Will Be Your Heaven ~


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