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Charlotte Autumn

Being little, I knew I was in a wonderful world, a world that I could see the goodness in most things, and when I didn't see the goodness that I knew could be, I searched. I searched in my heart to find the blessing. I searched in my heart to see others as I could really see them. I could see beyond all the things that made me sad, and all the things that made others sad, or angry, or upset. I knew that the world, if seen through the eyes of goodness, I knew I would find goodness, and goodness I did find.

"How are you today, beautiful flower of the earth? I know you speak to me without words, but if I ask you how you are feeling, I know that you answer in your perfection of perfection."

"Charlotte, what are doing out in the garden?"

"Mom, I am talking to the flowers."

"Do you think the flowers understand you?"

"Yes, mom. All things that live have an understanding of something... Why not me?"

"Charlotte, not everyone speaks to flowers."

I nodded my head looking around at the beauty. I watched my mom plant many of the flowers in our backyard garden. I watched as she nurtured the seeds. I watched as she watered the soil each day, and I watched until I could see flowers emerge from the earth. I knew what kind of flowers would be growing as I helped pick the flowers that would grow. I like the daises, I like the flowers shaped like bells, and I adore the smell of Lily of the Valley, a tiny flower that has so much perfection. How could I just walk by and not ask how they are?

"Charlotte, you know, it may be helpful for you to make some friends, friends outside of this backyard."

"Mom, what do you mean? I have my friends here."

"Charlotte, the backyard holds much beauty, but I think you need a friend, a friend to call your own."

"Mom, I have friends right here."

"Charlotte, I mean someone you can play with, someone that you can laugh with. It is hard to be on a teeter-totter with only yourself."

"Mom, I don't want to go to the playground. I just have so much fun here. Why can't you just see how perfect it is?"

"Charlotte, I planted most of this garden over the years, planted many things, many flowers before you were born knowing how pretty they would be. But, Charlotte, I didn't expect you to have them all as friends without really having a friend."

"Mom, I have friends. You just don't see it."

"Charlotte, I see you talking to flowers. I see you spend your days wandering around this backyard, talking out loud to everything you see."

"Why can't you see it?"

"See what, Charlotte? What am I to see?"

"Mom, look."

I held a buttercup in my hand, and I placed the buttercup under my chin in the grandest of sunlight.

"Mom, what do you see?"

"I see the reflection of yellow."

"Can you see the perfection?"

"Charlotte, all flowers are of great beauty. All I am asking, is that you see more to the world, that you spend time with people, and girls your age."

"Mom, why am I different?"

"I don't know, Charlotte. I don't know why you would choose to talk to the flowers when there are so many children in the neighbourhood to play with. Flowers can't play with you, Charlotte."

"Mom, but they can. I just held the buttercup under my chin and it glowed the prettiest yellow light. Is that not playing?"

"Charlotte, I worry about you not playing with others your age. I get concerned that you are withdrawn and perhaps, unhappy."

"I am not unhappy. This is my favourite place to be. Look, mom, look over here. See this stone? I placed this stone down a while ago, and you know what? Each day a dragonfly comes here to sit on the stone. Mom, each day, I talk to him."

"Charlotte, I don't know if it is good for you to be spending all this time by yourself."

"Mom, I just said, he visits every day. Each day, mom, since the warm weather, he is here to visit. See over here? See that bumblebee? Mom, he too visits me each day as he does his work among the flowers. Mom, this bee, this bumblebee knows flowers would not grow without his wonderful work. I talk to him too, mom."

"Charlotte, I know you love nature. I know you love this backyard. Charlotte, all I am asking is that perhaps you find time to spend with others."

"But, I am spending time with others."

"Charlotte, they cannot talk back. They cannot play with you like other children can."

"Mom, see over here? Can you see the daisies?"

"Yes, Charlotte. I see many beautiful daisies."

"Really look at the daisies."

"Charlotte, I am. What am I to look for?"

"Good question."


"Isn't that a good question?"

"But, Charlotte, what am I to look for?"


"Charlotte, you are speaking in riddles."

"Mom, you are only hearing riddles. I am speaking truth."

"Charlotte, my patience."

"Mom, it takes patience to see. Sit here. Sit quietly with me and look at the daisies."

"Charlotte, I don't have time to spend here. I have things to do."

"Mom, please. You are asking why I don't wish to play with other children. This is why. Sit quietly to feel everything."

"Feel everything? Charlotte, I don't understand. Your imagination has become somewhat of a problem."

"Mom, just sit quietly for a moment. Please, mom, sit and look at the daisies."

"Okay, Charlotte. I will sit with you for only a few minutes."

"Now, just look."

I sat quietly while my mom sat quietly. I understand why she wants me to play with others. I suppose she feels that it would be best for me to have friends, but she doesn't see the friends that I do have. People, from what I have noticed in a very short time, do not give time to the daisies, to the butterflies, and they do not give time to themselves to see the beauty in the reflection."

"Charlotte, all I see are beautiful daisies."

"Mom, all I see is a world beyond a world. Keep looking, mom. Just wait with some patience, please."

My mom sat, trying to be patient, trying to understand why I don't do things that other girls do. I like the stillness. I like the world beyond the world, and with some time and some patience, my mom will understand.

"Charlotte, I don't understand."

"Mom, you haven't sat long enough to see."

"But I don't know what I am looking for."

"You are looking for yourself."

"Charlotte, this doesn't make any sense to me. I see the beauty, I feel the peacefulness, but I don't understand how to see myself."

"Hold on, mom. Please, just sit quietly and watch the daisies."

I knew my mom would understand once she found herself in the beauty that she gazed at. I knew she would see what I see and what everyone would see if they took the time to understand of the love.

"Mom, it's love. Love is who you are."

"Charlotte, you speak in rhymes and riddles. You have created a world here in this backyard. It's your world, Charlotte, and I am asking kindly that you find the world that has others to play with, to talk with, to be with."

"Mom, can't you see it?"

"See what, Charlotte? See what?"


"Charlotte, this isn't a mirror."

"Yes, it is mom. Yes it is."

"It is a yard with daisies, Charlotte."

"Not only daisies, mom, look. Keep looking."

"I see the bumblebees."

"That's good. I know them all. They are friends, and not only my friends, but to each person that lives on the planet. The bees are our friends, for without them, we wouldn't have very much. Keep looking."

"Is that the dragonfly?"

"One of many, mom. Did you know of all the different colours a dragonfly can have?"

"No, Charlotte. Charlotte, I must go and complete my chores."

"Mom, sit quiet and I will help you with the chores. What else do you see, mom?"

"I see the breeze blowing the flowers."

"And you can feel the breeze. What else do you see?"

"I see the beauty. I see beauty."

"Then you have found yourself."

"Charlotte, where do you get all this?"

"From playing right here each day."

"Charlotte, please, it is time for me to go in."

"If you wish, mom, if you wish."

As my mom got up from where we were sitting, I could feel that she wanted to see it, but didn't give herself a chance. Most people don't give things much of a chance. Some people would truly not care about any bees, or flowers, or the wind. Some people just fill in their time doing other things. I understand it. I understand there is work to be done, just like the bee doing his work... it must be done.

"Charlotte, please come in soon and you can help with preparing dinner. Perhaps, you can set the table."

"Okay, mom. Mom, before you go, hold this flower, this buttercup under my chin."

"Okay, lift your chin. Well, look at that, it is still a beautiful shade of yellow, almost orange."

"Just like the sun, mom. Just like the sun. A buttercup holds the sun and you are holding the flower."

"Charlotte, when do you play?"

"Mom, how can you not see?"

"I don't know what I am looking for."

"That is the search. What are you looking for?"

"Charlotte, I am looking for you to have friends, to play, to be... well... like other children."

"Mom, I am like other children. I just see the world as a world of beauty."

"Other children are good, Charlotte. It's not just about this backyard. There is more to childhood than this backyard."

"I don't know about that, mom. You wouldn't understand because you are walking away before it was found."

"Charlotte, this is getting silly. I am walking away because I have things that must get done."

"I know, mom, but you are walking away before it was found."

"Charlotte, I don't know what you wanted me to see."

"Mom, I wanted you to see your reflection."

"Charlotte, this makes very little sense to me."

"That is because you don't see you."

"Charlotte, I see you without friends."

"Mom, I see you in all this beauty."

My mom looked at me so tenderly. She looked into my eyes as only a mother would, trying to understand why I didn't want, or need, a friend, and all the while, I wanted to show her the world with only friends.

"I will find a friend, mom, if it makes you happy."

"Charlotte, I want you to be happy."

"Then, you truly didn't see it. Mom, have you ever seen me sad in the backyard?"

"Sometimes, Charlotte, when I look out, sometimes, yes, you do look sad. You have a look like something is missing."


"Yes, you look lonesome at times."

"But, I am not lonesome. Perhaps, mom, perhaps I just know that all that live here are not lonesome."

"Charlotte, I would like you to have friends."

"Then I will have friends."

She was pleased with my answer. She was relieved that I would have friends to play with, and all the while, she didn't see what I thought she would see.

"Charlotte, please come in soon."

"Yes, mom. I will be there in a moment."

She stroked my hair as she walked by me. I watched her enter the house that she makes a home and I wondered why she didn't see the one thing that I wanted her to see.

I sat and looked at the daisies, and I knew. I knew of the world that was within the world. I knew that I would have to have friends for my mom to feel better. I knew that to play on the teeter-totter, I would have to make a friend. I have so many friends right here. She just couldn't see it, or understand it. She hardly noticed. Most do not. Most do not.

I entered the kitchen and my mom was whistling a tune. She had placed the buttercup in a small glass with water and set it on the table.

"Mom, can you see what is held in the buttercup?"

"I see the beauty of the buttercup."

"Can you see yourself?"

"No, sweet child. It is a buttercup and I am me."

"Mom, that is what I wanted you to see."

"See? Me as a buttercup?"

"I wanted you to see yourself in everything."

"But, Charlotte, I am me, and you are you, and this, beautiful child, is a buttercup."

I nodded realizing that I couldn't show her what I wanted her to feel. I then realized that she would have to search on her own. I realized that she would have to search on her own when she was ready to see.

"Charlotte, please wash your hands and help set the table."

"Yes, mom. Mom, can I hold the buttercup under your chin?"

"Yes, Charlotte, let us see what happens when the flower is not under the sun. Do you think it will reflect a yellow glow under my chin?"

"I do."

"Let us find out."

I held the flower under my mother's chin and the glow was faint. It was beautiful in its yellow and orange light, but it was faint. Then it occurred to me, light is always held, light always shines, but as I could see the light, the reflection of the yellow petals, my mom couldn't. The only way she would see it is by looking at her reflection. That's what I wanted her to see... I wanted her to see her own love that she gives to the flowers, her love that planted the seeds in the garden, her love that watered the flowers so they could grow, and the bees could come, and the dragonflies could sit. She didn't see her reflection in her own Creation of Love.

I know one day she will search. I know one day she will sit quietly on her own and look to see the world that I can see. I know if people just look at all the goodness, goodness will only be shown.


The End

Love is the Answer ~ Love is Always the Answer

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