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Parker's Miracle

I was bored. I had sat here in my room and I couldn't seem to find anything that I wanted to do. I was playing with the same toys that I had played with for a long time. I didn't wish to watch television, I just didn't know what to do. My friends, they were busy and I was here waiting for something really good to happen. I wondered if good things happened, and if they did, could a good thing happen to me?


I heard my dad's voice echo down the hallway.

"I'm in my room, dad."

"What are you doing in your room on this very beautiful sunny day?"

"I'm bored. I didn't want to go outside. There isn't anyone around to play with today."

"I'm here."

"But, dad, I mean friends."

"I can be a dad and a friend, Parker."

"You know what I mean, dad. I was thinking about someone my age."

"I do understand, and I do understand that days that feel like boredom are truly just a gentle reminder that we aren't looking for great treasures."

"Great treasures? What are you talking about, dad? There are no great treasures."

"Are you sure? Have you gone looking?"

"Is there something buried in the backyard?"

"I don't think we have to dig to find a treasure."

"Dad, there are no treasures."

"That, my dear son, is not the truth of the matter."

"You just said, nothing was buried outside."

"I said, you don't have to dig to find a treasure."

"Where am I to look?"

"Well, first, you can look in the mirror."

"Dad, that is stupid."


"There is no treasure when I look in the mirror."

"Are you sure? You are not looking for the treasure when you look at your reflection."

"Dad, this is too old for me. Perhaps, you should have someone your own age to play with."

My dad chuckled as he knew that perhaps I was a little young to understand. But I was curious. I wanted to see if there was indeed a treasure when I looked at myself in the mirror.

"Dad, what am I looking for when I see myself?"

"You first acknowledge, notice, that you are indeed a miracle."

"Dad, this is really pushing it. I am not a miracle."

"Who said that?"

"I did."

"Why would you say that?"

"Because I am me, you know, Parker."

"Yes, you are Parker, but who else are you?"

"Dad, this makes no sense to me."

"Probably not. It doesn't make sense to most. Most people, Parker, do not see themselves as a miracle. Most people, Parker, do not search for the treasures that are held inside."

"Held inside?"

"Yes, who are you on the inside?"

"Dad, I am me."

"Okay. Would you like to search for your very own treasure?"

"Yes, dad."

"Okay. Let's go over to your mirror."

"Dad, I feel foolish. I know what I look like."

"Yes, but what do you look like on the inside?"

"Dad, this is really silly."

"Stand in front of this mirror."


"I will stand behind you."

"You are much taller. Do you think you are a miracle, dad?"

"Sometimes, Parker, it is hard to remember. Sometimes, when my days get very busy and I feel overwhelmed with the day itself, I forget who I truly am."

"How can you forget?"

"Distraction, caught up in everyday living."

"You are never bored."

"No, that is the grandest of grand truth."

"Grand truth, I like the sound of that."

"Parker, always live in your grandest truth, and by knowing that you are indeed a miracle, you are knowing of the grandest truth."

"Dad, I never saw myself as a miracle, never."

"Perhaps this day you go searching. Okay, look at us standing."

"Yes, thank goodness we have a big mirror."

"Thank goodness you have a big heart."

"Dad, you are talking funny today."

"No, son, I am talking truth, my truth. What do you see when you look at yourself?"

"I see myself, dad."

"What do you see?"

"I see me. You know, me, Parker. I see you standing behind me."

"Okay, we are going to search for the treasure."

I rolled my eyes not understanding what my dad was trying to show me. I didn't understand at all. How could I be a miracle and search for a treasure looking at myself? I didn't understand at all.

"Parker, look beyond your reflection. Meaning, see within."

"See within? Dad, I don't understand."

"Would it make sense to you, Parker, that you are here for great reason and grand purpose?"

"Great reason? Dad, I truly was just feeling bored."

"You would never feel bored when you discover the greatest treasure."

"Dad, I don't think we will find money looking at our reflections."

"Treasures that are found within hold much more than money could ever buy."

"Okay, dad, it's a good thing I am bored. I don't know if I would do this with you if I had something better to do."

"Better to do? A miracle waiting to be found, a treasure beyond treasures, and you think there is something better to do?"

"I don't know, dad. I guess it just doesn't make sense to me."

"Parker, point to yourself. Not point at the mirror, point to yourself."

I took my hand and pointed to myself. I placed my finger upon my heart and said, "This is myself."

"Look where you placed your finger."


"You placed your finger upon your heart."

"I did."

"Why do you think you did that?"

"I don't know. I just pointed to myself."

"And look where you placed your finger."

"Dad, this makes no sense to me."

"You could have placed your finger upon any part of your body, but you naturally placed your finger upon your heart."

"I still don't understand."

"I asked you to point to yourself, and you placed your finger upon your heart. Do you see the treasure found?"

"No, dad. This is silly."

"No, it isn't. This, my dear son, is knowing who you are from the inside."

"Dad, I know who I am."

"Yes, but do you know your heart?"

"Dad, my heart?"

"Yes, has it ever occurred to you that your heart is truly who you are? Along with your inner essence of who you are... the inside you."

"Dad, I am me."

"Parker, I am going to ask a question, and I want you to look into your own eyes before you answer the question."

"Okay, I've gone this far, ask away."

"Do you think there is a you on the inside, and that part of you is on the outside, lack of better words?"

"You mean two of me?"

"I mean all of you, but I am asking if you feel there is something more to you than just your outer shell."

"Outer shell? Dad, do you not have something to do?"

"I have plenty to do and much to get done, but nothing is more important at this moment than standing here with you as you seek your greatest treasures and miracles."

"Dad, you don't talk this way."

"And you, my boy, haven't tried looking into the mirror to discover you."

"Dad, I look every day."

"Do you look within? Do you look beyond what you see?"

"No, not really."

"Today, I am suggesting that you discover your greatest part of you. Now, stand quietly, look into your eyes, and look beyond to see within."

"Okay, dad, I am doing this for you, but don't tell my friends."

My dad chuckled as he watched me look at my reflection. He made his way to sit on the edge of the bed so I could take time to understand what he was asking me to find. I felt quiet. I kept looking but I didn't know what I was to see. I didn't know what I was to feel. I just knew that it was important to my dad, and with that, I studied my reflection.

"Son, ask yourself, who is within?"

"Okay, dad. I feel silly."

"You will be greatly surprised."

"Okay." I looked deeply into my own eyes, my reflection that I saw each day, and I quietly whispered, "Who is within?" I waited, and knew nothing more than when I had started.

"Dad, nothing comes to mind."

"Son, ask again, try again."

"Who is in there, in me? Dad! I heard it! I heard something. I felt something. You are right, there is more to me. It's not separate from me. It is me, but it is true there is something within me that feels apart from me, but is me."

"Can you see the miracle that you just found?"

"I guess so, but... why is this so important?"

"When you are not feeling your best, when something perhaps makes you sad or angry, when something has happened that you just don't understand, ask within."

"Ask who? It is me."

"Yes, it is you held within you. The you that is held within you holds the treasure of understanding you best."

"But, dad, I do understand me."

"Son, there will be a day where the only place that you will seek your answers is from within and asking your heart. The within you is part of the heart you, the you that you pointed to. That is who you truly are, Parker. Within holds your wisdom. Within holds your answers. Within holds your guidance. Parker, this is one of the greatest treasures that you will ever discover about yourself."

"Do you look in the mirror and ask these questions? I don't think people do this."

"I do look within for answers that I have trouble with. Sometimes, Parker, one must search for light that is held within."

"Light? Dad, this is all crazy."

"Perhaps you feel that it is crazy, but I encourage you to try it. The next time you need an answer that you can't seem to have on your own ask your wisdom within. Ask your heart that holds much love, and just allow time to show you."

"Time to show me? Dad, this is going nowhere."

"Parker, it is a treasure that cannot be denied once found. You will never be able to live another day without knowing that deep within you is you holding the treasure of you."

"Dad, couldn't we have just played ball?"

"Yes, Parker, we could have just played ball. The game would have lasted perhaps an hour or so, but this gift that I shared with you will last you a lifetime."

"Dad, when was the last time you asked yourself a question? I mean, asked your heart a question, or your inner you a question?"

"Today, Parker. Today, I asked myself what I could give to a boy that was feeling bored. I looked deep within and I understood that it was time to share with you what I know to be of truth, so you will never, ever, feel bored ever again."

"How can this take away boredom?"

"When you bring forth the best of you, the greatness that you have to share, you only see the world through the gift of knowing of your brilliance. You walk with the knowing that your answers are held within, your wisdom, your love. Your light of who you are is always ready to share."

"Dad, I am going to ask a question to my inner me."

"Okay, Parker."

"Me... the me held within, do you think my dad and I could play a game of ball?"

I studied my eyes while I playfully asked the question, and before I could speak, I heard something. Not a voice, not any sound, but a knowing that I was more than who I thought I was. All at once, I saw myself not the same as I once did. I studied my reflection and I looked within. I found the treasure of me. All at once, I understood what my dad had wanted me to understand.

"Dad, thank you for showing me... me."

"Son, do you have your glove and ball?"

"Yes, dad, right here."

"Good, I will meet you outside."

My dad left my room, and I sat on the edge of my bed. I sat in stillness, in the quiet of the moment, and I truly felt different. I, for the first time ever, I knew me... the all of me... the me that was hidden, but not really... the me that was held within, but not really, for I was me, complete. I just didn't know that there was more to me than me.

The End

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