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The story is of enlightenment and a gentle reminder of the importance each one has on the planet. Capturing the essence of love, The Book of Finn, will resonate with young minds and young hearts to gently guide one to a positive future of discovering how love can bring miracles to each being as we walk our journeys.

Through the Eyes of Finnan Frederick is a series of three novels – now offered in a Complete Special Edition – each novel sharing wisdom from the Universe held in the story about a boy named Finn that can speak with the animals – can listen to his own heart and hearts of others and creates a loving world to be shared with his family – his friends and all people and animals on the planet.


Finnan represents the goodness that we all have within – for each of us can be kindness – can be compassion – each one of us can hear our own heart whisper loving guidance.


Through the Eyes of Finnan Frederick is written through the eyes of the Universe to share wisdom, grace and love as each page unfolds so does the journey of life to be held in light – each step with love upon Mother Earth – each page – each step to unfold into miracles.


The inspiration has come forth to guide youth to discover the meaning of kindness, compassion, a sense of contribution towards themselves and to others. The main character Finnan is a grade four student making his way and in his travels he discovers the gifts he has been given to be able to speak with the animals and listen to his heart and the hearts of others, sharing insights of forgiveness, kindness and compassion.




The story is of humour, insightful meanings conveyed by his experiences and the ones he meets along his journey and is a gentle way to remind ones the importance of compassion towards all beings including the self-worth of oneself.

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