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"I saw Tracy last week. She is phenomenal!! I felt as though she knew everything I was thinking and was responding to my thoughts and questions. I barely said a word. This was an incredible experience for me. I didn’t even realize what was happening until the end. Wow is all I can say."

Margaret - Perth, ON

“I went to see Tracy at a time in my life where I was feeling very lost, and very hopeless. I had lost my aunt Joyce about three years back, and her sister, my aunt Marlene, left us in late August. I came to Tracy unsure of what I would leave with, not knowing if it would help me feel any more at peace with myself. My session led to more than I could have ever imagined, and I largely credit my time spent in Tracy's 'office' for the dramatic turnaround in my life. Through Tracy, I was able to achieve a sense of peace and purpose, provided by a source I cannot even begin to fathom. In addition, I was able to communicate with my aunt Joyce, which to this day means the world to me. As I write this and reflect back on the messages that Joyce sent to me, I have tears in my eyes. Knowing that she has been with me these past few years has meant more than I can ever explain. Joyce was my second mother. She was meant to pick out my prom dress with me, she was supposed to be there to approve of the people I was dating, and long ago we had made a pact that she would be with me when my wedding eventually came. Sometimes, life intervenes. Through Tracy, Joyce was able to tell me she was happy, and that she was aware of the important things that went on in not only my, but my family’s day to day lives. While there are many skeptics, there is not a doubt in my mind that I truly was speaking to Joyce - the information Tracy knew were not things of common knowledge, and more than affirmed my belief. Tracy and the others have helped me come out of a dark time in my life, and were able to renew my sense of purpose and enthusiasm. For that, I will never be able to truly thank anyone enough. I cannot explain how much of an impact it had.”

Nicole Lauzon - Ottawa, ON

"My session with Tracy was the most amazing experience. The energy in the room was electrifying and the information I received invaluable.  The first part of the session was about me – my past, present and future. Her guides helped me understand and put in perspective thoughts and feelings I had since childhood. The second part allowed me to speak to my 17 year old son Ryan, who we lost 11 years ago in a car accident.  I knew I was speaking with Ryan as the information shared was only known by me. Talking to Ryan has brought me a peace that I haven't known for 11 years.  Tracy, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing gift, it is something I reflect on daily and will never forget!"

Lisa – Iqaluit, Nunavut

“My wife and I recently booked some time with Tracy. I was a bit apprehensive about the whole idea, but I knew my wife was hoping to connect with a loved one that had passed on some years earlier. In my mind, I was going to support her. What an experience!! To my surprise, the Universe has lots to share with me. Through Tracy, I experienced a wide range of emotions during the session; from laughter to tears, then gratification. I came away from that night with a renewed sense of who I am and what I want to accomplish in my life. I now know that I can get there with a little help from my “friends“. Thank you so much Tracy for sharing your special gifts.”

D.L. Cornwall, ON


“After my father took his life, I have spent the past 16 years tormented, uneasy and constantly missing him. Although I have learned to cope with the emotions of him being gone, I have never found true peace.
As most people are, I was nervous and unsure before speaking with a medium. Tracy picked up on my anxiety right away, and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She explained the process very well, to me making me better understand her gift and how the process works.
When she connected with my father, there was no denying, Tracy is an extremely gifted woman.  The things she had spoken to me of, where things that no one would have known otherwise.
Tracy opened up a new door for me.
I imagined how I would feel after the session. I imagined being sad, and missing my dad even more. But when I left, for the first time since I lost my dad, I felt peaceful. I was so happy when I left, and that happiness has carried on since. Although I will always miss my father, I can now take comfort in knowing he is around me and my children.
Words cannot describe how grateful I am for what Tracy has done for me. This has truly changed my life, and I can't thank her enough.

Tracy in an amazing woman, with an incredible gift.”
Laura Sole - Barrhaven, ON


"Having a chance to connect with the loving Universe through Tracy was a most heart touching and healing experience. Tracy was so welcoming; there is a beautiful gentleness about her. Right away one can feel how she truly cares and desires to help. I felt at home very quickly. :)

The message I had to personally hear that day was a difficult one, but Tracy delivered it with such empathy, and loving care that she made it much easier for me to hear it and accept it.  That evening there was such a calm and peace inside of me... no matter how loud and intense things were on the outside, I didn't feel alone.  The healing process had definitely begun. :)  That afternoon, through Tracy's beautiful psychic medium gifts and abilities, I authentically felt heard and connected with the Universe :) Without a doubt, I was kindheartedly reminded that God truly watches over us and that no matter how hard or dark the storms can get, we never have to face them alone. Thank you Tracy for your loving and kind guidance.  It was a true blessing! Big loving hugs."

Brigitte, Cornwall, ON


"My mom and I decided to see Tracy for closure of the death of our loved ones who had recently passed away. From the moment it began tears of joy were rolling down my face. The spiritual connection & energy felt the entire time was both overwhelming and absolutely amazing. There was a special & unforgettable essence in the room for the entire session. We both walked away feeling very blessed to have had this wonderful experience guided by such a beautiful soul."

SR & JR - Ontario


“What a beautiful and wondrous gift to be able to converse with pure love in its highest form is magnificent. Having clear guidance to your greatest potential and highest good is nothing short of miraculous. Much appreciation to Tracy and Source Energy for the life changing information, you are indeed a life changing and a beautiful soul.”

William - Ottawa, ON


"I had a great experience to connect with my husband through Tracy. The words were soothing to my heart and any uneasiness I was feeling was removed as he was able to offer words of kindness and love. He shared with me the importance of our marriage and was able to answer questions that were weighing heavily on my heart. Tracy could not have known the intimate details that were shared."

Anne - Cornwall, ON


"My reading was one of the most profound experiences of my recent memory. There were times that I could just feel chills in the air as I was having my reading. There were things that were brought up that Tracy couldn't have known. I left with a sense of peace and calm that I haven't had in nearly a year. There were so many things on my mind and were made clear to me. For anyone looking for a sense of calm in their life, I urge you to experience a reading from Tracy. You won't regret it."

Matt - North Bangor, NY


"The experience knowing that my dad is with me has brought great love and joy to my life. The messages that he was able to deliver through Tracy have made me stronger, happier and more content.  Peace of mind has enhanced my overall wellbeing. My father communicated words that were a true indication that he was indeed around me, allowing me to discover the information was correct and accurate. Tracy was able to share objects and items my dad wanted me to be aware of to confirm he was present with me. Tracy would not have known of the items he was clearly pointing out.  It was heartwarming to know he was still sharing his sense of humour.

I am very thankful for the experience and I will go back to continue speaking with my dad."

Maureen – Cornwall, ON


“I was at first reluctant to have such an experience; however I was more than pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Tracy made me feel comfortable and was able to not only provide insight into the possible future; but she was accurate in describing circumstances that have affected my past.  This was an emotional experience that I could recommend to others.”  
Nancy – Cornwall, ON


“I adopted a kitten (Billy) from the SPCA for my seventeenth birthday.  We have been together for fourteen years and as life changes we have experienced it together.  From a University student to being a family man with three children, times have changed.  I discovered that Billy was still very content but was feeling the discomfort of age. He is no longer interested in energetically playing like we once did and is not fond of the children always wanting to pick him up. He likes to be left alone to rest and we learned that he is not happy with his plastic food dishes and much prefers a heavier bowl that does not move on the floor. The experience of learning what is in the heart of my best friend gave me a sense of relief to gain insight and knowledge to what makes him happy.  Gratefully, Billy is one happy cat enjoying his senior years.”

B. – Orleans, ON


"Upon request to demonstrate her gifts, through a co-worker I was asked to participate if Tracy would declare the contents of my purse. My purse was miles away from her location and she described in great detail the purse including knowing the lining was silk even describing the pattern along with fifteen very unusual items, items not normally carried in a purse. I was blown away to discover items I had forgotten about and had tucked away was brought to light. I am totally amazed by Tracy knowing and conveying in precise detail.

I have gone for a reading and that too was accurate. Tracy was able to provide comforting words to ease my mind and like my purse it was not possible for Tracy to know my personal world or situation."

Carole - Cornwall, ON


“Receiving guidance for my Maltese Shih Tzu was extremely helpful to our family and my dog’s happiness and wellbeing. I was under the impression that using a harness around his body was more comfortable for him than a collar around his neck when we went walking. I discovered the harness gave him great discomfort to his legs and made him feel restricted, nervous and anxious. He also prefers his drinking water to be extremely cold. The guidance received has made my dog much more happy, content and playful.”

Ally – Cornwall, ON


Last summer, I had a session with Tracy because I was hoping to contact my deceased grandfathers. What I got was so much more. Tracy, or Source, the energy that Tracy channels, really dug in and brought out so many heartaches and provided encouragement to help me heal from my emotional wounds and assert myself. She helped empower me and begin my journey to healing and to finding my SELF again. I am feeling so much better now and I could not have done it without Source's guidance. Additionally, I have read several of Tracy's books and would recommend them to anyone who values love lessons.

Mélissa, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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