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Tracy R. L. O'Flaherty

Tracy R.L. O’Flaherty

Psychic Medium - Intuitive Healer ~ Author - Publisher

Receiving Wisdom and Conversation from the Heavens


Tracy encompasses Clairvoyance (clear seeing) Clairaudience (clear hearing) Clairsentience (clear sensing) Claircognizance (clear knowing) during her sessions.

Certified Personal Development Educator focusing in the areas of personal awakening by exploring self-love, self-healing, compassion, kindness, peace, gratitude and forgiveness.

The gift of mediumship is a receiving of wisdom and conversation from the great vastness and heavens. Passed loved ones embrace the connection and I become a voice for Eternal Light. Love is the only experience receiving the grandness from the heavens. Healing of emotions and heartache – fulfillment from the sharing of only the purest love. Love is always the answer – always.

With great admiration to all souls I extend an awareness that we are all love – underneath layers of human experience is a love so grand – so powerful that if you find silence you can hear and feel love guiding you.

Mediumship ~ What's It All About?

A down-to-earth sharing

People ask me


What is a Psychic Medium – Intuitive Healer?


The gift of mediumship is just that, a gift. The miracle of the allowance, being connected to and receiving loving guidance from Source Energy – also known as Collective Consciousness and Eternal Light Beings. It is a sharing that provides a space of deep guidance allowing space for one to travel one's greatest pathway. Intuitive Healer, is also the allowance to receive healing elements – healing components to create a space of healing in one's body, mind, and soul.


A more detailed description would sound like this



Having all resources to know the future and the highest path that one can travel. The information received from Source Energy ~ Collective Consciousness is a Divine presence that allows one to explore love that is in their heart – truth – passion – desires – leading one to a future of their highest calling.



I am the conduit – the Medium – that relays messages from Collective Consciousness from the highest values of humankind. My gift allows me to connect with Source Energy – which is connected to the realm in which passed loved ones are felt – therefore – I am able to provide messages from your passed loved ones to you – to fill your heart with healing – compassion – truest form of love – love in its purest form.



Knowing beforehand – an ability to see a larger picture than what is exposed – to guide – to feel – to see – to connect to one's greatest truth.



My gift of Mediumship allows me to transcend healing energies from Source Energy to heal emotional and physical discomforts. It is a healing process that allows one to settle and lower vibration to allow the presence of healing and great love, to infuse a healing vibration for the highest good of one's being.

The sharing from Collective Consciousness is to provide a space for ones to bring forth peace – peace in one’s heart – peace on the planet – for if kindness was only extended to oneself and to others, peace would only be. Just imagine if everyone placed kindness towards themselves and others – would there ever be war within and war upon Mother Earth?

Source Energy – Eternal Light Beings communicate in many ways... one being the gifts of mediumship. Tracy is a voice encompassing angels and passed loved ones.

The sharing is through books, videos, radio, and print. All sharing is based on the foundation of great love, grand compassion, kindness beyond measure – the gift is found within the gifts. Peace in one’s heart, is it possible? Peace on the planet, is it possible? For each soul is here for great reason and grand purpose.

Collective Consciousness shares wisdom and profound insights to assist mankind upon Mother Earth in only the grandness of Light and Expansion of Divine Light.

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