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ADAM JAMES ~ A Diary from the Heavens

In the sharing of books written from the Heavens Above ~ Tracy O'Flaherty ~ all writings are freely shared

or can be purchased to hold in your hand.  ~ Blessings and Love ~

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Tracy O'Flaherty ~ ADAM JAMES - A Diary from the Heavens

A gift to the author from her dear friend Adam James. Adam, playful in the heavens, and the author receiving the words to create a book for the expansion and awareness how thoughts and emotions hinder or help as one walks their journey upon Mother Earth.

A story of love to captivate the essence of love – profound wisdom knowing life upon Earth and knowing Divine Eternal Light.

The book a gift to the author – a gift to Adam to have a voice to share – a gift to Adam’s family – and a gift to the reader – for love is abound and is always the answer.

Love is always the answer.

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