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In the sharing of books written from the Heavens Above ~ Tracy O'Flaherty ~ all writings are freely shared

or can be purchased to hold in your hand.  ~ Blessings and Love ~

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To each soul that walks their journey – creating steps that if one listens carefully to the gentle heart that is guiding – one would find their greatest essence of who they are.

Find your silence – to still your mind – your thoughts – find if only a moment in time to remind yourself of your love you hold within – for your greatness is ready to shine to all others and in the moment of pureness – your grace will open a space for your next step to be love.

We are all love underneath human experience – we are love – a light that shines brightly – a guiding light to your greatness.

Loving Literature books are a compilation of the writings – insights – wisdom shared for all to discover one’s own brilliance – focusing on inspiration – forgiveness – Oneness of Creation in a format of quick short stories to be read when one is guided.

Loving Literature – LOVE from the Grand Universe has been shared since early 2014 and in this sharing over 300 stories have been upon the website – 6 books created and offered freely worldwide – hundreds of Loving Literature stories are shared to all freely.    ~ God Bless ~

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