Bring Heaven to Earth and Earth Will Be Your Heaven

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A compelling story of love, wanting to understand human emotions, placing light upon non-judgement and condemnation. Profound in its wisdom, touching upon suicide, bringing forth forgiveness and the transition into Eternal Light – for each soul is an angel.

Held in Eternal Light is the depth of compassion, forgiveness, kindness, peace, joy... a love so grand it is light. Held in your Inner Essence is the depth of Eternal Light.

Bring forth your Inner Essence of Eternal Light and you will bring forth heaven upon earth.

Bring Heaven to Earth and Earth Will Be Your Heaven was written for you to embrace your brilliance, and in this brilliant expansion of loving light, you have within all that is held in Divine Eternal Light.


Bring forth this understanding and be who you are meant to be. You are a miracle held in the Oneness of all miracles.

~ Bring Heaven to Earth 

and Earth Will Be Your Heaven ~


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