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Nigel and the Little Ones 

In the sharing of books written from the Heavens Above ~ Tracy O'Flaherty ~ all writings are freely shared

or can be purchased to hold in your hand.  ~ Blessings and Love ~

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Tracy O'Flaherty - Nigel and the Little Ones

A story of family – a story of Grace – a story, a timeless measure of wisdom and comfort – a story that will live in your heart to open a space of great understanding of all miracles upon Mother Earth – the miracles between mankind and all who share in the vastness of Divine Glory – Nigel and the Little Ones will expand your compassion – will resonate with kindness and love beyond measure – for as the story unfolds – one understands of the Miracles of Divine.

Find within a peaceful moment – find the space to hear the gentle whisper of your wisdom – hear your heart speak loving words – guiding you to understand that you are more than human experience – that your Eternal Light is Eternal Light with all.

Find a space this day to appreciate all you are meant to be – all you are present day – for the unfolding of life is the unfolding of your creations – Divine Creation holds you in magnificent light – Divine Oneness holds you with the deepest of cares and gratitude – today is a new day – share your love held within – share compassionate compassion – and allow your kindness to touch the world.

Today understand that you are a miracle creating miracles.

Nigel and the Little Ones is an inspiring story of love for Mother Earth – a story that will fill a heart with all that is good – for as one reads – one discovers their own beauty and magnificence as each share Grand Mother Earth.

© Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved. Nigel and the Little Ones ~ Registration Number 1154767

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