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One Two Eight Publishing House

All books are considered

wisdom awakening ~ spiritual ~

loving guidance for people

to understand of their miracles.

Timeless Wisdom and Inspiration

Shared for All Ages

As a publisher and author, all writings are created through the gifts of mediumship, coming forth from a Collective Consciousness – Source Energy – the literature is a representation of love and compassion – kindness and forgiveness – a combination of everyday experience combined with the grandness of the wisdom of the Universe.


All writings – word for word – all coming from beyond this realm in a format that each soul can resonate and find peace in the writings – love is the foundation of all the work and service of Tracy O’Flaherty. As a Psychic Medium delivering messages from passed loved ones and conveying information for one’s highest greatest good – and as an Intuitive Healer sending healing energy to all that step forth – and sharing words of wisdom and gentle insights of love captured in all writings.


Love is the foundation on which the Publishing House was built and inside a treasure for all to receive who follow their own heart to greatness.

One Two Eight Publishing House 
Books are Shared Freely On-line or Available for Purchase ~ Please Click on Cover

Tracy O'Flaherty - Through the Eyes of Finnan Frederick - Book One
Tracy O'Flaherty - Through the Eyes of Finnan Frederick - Book Two
Tracy O'Flaherty - Through the Eyes of Finnan Frederick - Book Three
Tracy O'Flaherty - Through the Eyes of Finnan Frederick - Complete I Love You Collection
Tracy O'Flaherty - Finnan Frederick
Tracy O'Flaherty - Good Heavens Have You Found Your Twinkle?
Tracy O'Flaherty - Dad, is that True?
Tracy O'Flaherty - Nigel and the Little Ones
Tracy O'Flaherty - The Truth is You Are Magnificent
Tracy O'Flaherty - A Birthday Book by Cheryl Elizabeth
Tracy O'Flaherty - The Tales of Tiernan
Tracy O'Flaherty - Being a Kid... Ugh
Tracy O'Flaherty - What Do You Mean? Who?
Tracy O'Flaherty - Through the Eyes o Grace
Tracy O'Flaherty - The Little Chickadee Angel
Tracy O'Flaherty - Bring Heaven to Earth and Earth Will Be Your Heaven
Tracy O'Flaherty - You Matter ~ Wisdom, Guidance, and LOVE from the Heavens ~ A Book About Bullying
Tracy O'Flaherty - ADAM JAMES - A Diary from the Heavens
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