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The Journey of Benevolence has been written to share with others the innocence and grace of imagination – to become one with Mother Earth and the character Ben represents each soul – as each soul underneath layers of human experience is light of compassion – light of kindness – light of wisdom – light of oneness and a love so expansive – a love so grand – that each soul holds within the beauty of The Journey of Benevolence.


The Journey of Benevolence are stories captured to enlighten ones as they travel their journeys – roads leading to inspiration – connecting with one’s Inner Essence and gently guiding one to the greatness of love, kindness and compassion. All literature is received by the gifts of mediumship – words of wisdom to be embraced by all who are guided by their heart to read the words conveyed by the Grand Universe to inspire ones to walk one’s journey with great joy and peace.

Audio presentations of The Journey of Benevolence

can be found on YouTube

Audio presentations of The Journey of Benevolence

can be found on YouTube

"We are miracles creating miracles – we are miracles discovering miracles – we are miracles sharing miracles – for we are one – we are part of the whole – Divine Creation is within all – Divine Creation is the miracle that we all have within."


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