Sharing from the Heavens – Timeless Wisdom, Comfort, and Relief

Preserving Nostalgic Love Presentations

A small intimate gathering to share wisdom and grand insights from Source Energy – the Great Heavens Above.

The sharing profound to create a space of awareness of life, to perhaps ease burdens and set forth a path of relief and inspiration.

A presentation to be open to receive love from passed loved ones – a sharing that guides and nurtures to bring forth joy and contentment.

Wisdom from the Heavens


A Presentation to share the Oneness from the Heavens to Mother Earth, bringing forth Angels – Eternal Light Souls – Collective Consciousness.

Sharing the gifts of mediumship to allow others to feel better than perhaps one is feeling.

An invitation to see and discover beyond the tangible – in the world of confusion is born clarity – in the upsets and hurdles is born creativity – in heartache, pain, loss, and sorrow – is born the gift of knowing to bring forth your Wisdom of Grace – Wisdom of Love – Wisdom to know that you are more than life experience – you are part and piece of Divine Love – your authentic self – your Inner Essence of Eternal Light shines.

Be knowing you do not walk alone – be knowing that comfort and guidance is yours – be knowing the truth of thyself – be knowing to bring forth your Light of Divine.

Upcoming Event ~ Date to be Determined


~ Please Reserve ~ Seating is Limited ~